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dropped off ballot was out leaving their cars. san jose's most watched race is measure did. california schools banking on prop 30, governor jerry brown proposed that plan, today voted for it. people in oakland greeted him in the oakland hills, proposition 30 raises money for public schools and community colleges and temporarily add a quarter cent tax to state sales tax and raise taxes for californians earning more than $250,000 a year. opponents say it's too expensive. here is a look at propositions. prop 32 preventing unions from deducting money from paychecks to be used to be political funding. prop 36 would revise california's three strikes law. and propos3s]u 37 would add new food labeling requirements. proposition 38 is a competing tax measure to fund schools. the department of justice will have federal observers in polling stations in alameda county today. 800 monitors will be watching for potential voting rights violations in 23 states. if you have trouble voting you can report any problems at your polling station to abc 7 news election hot line. the number is on the screen. and
tax by a half cent for 10 years n. san jose, measure "d" would raise the minimum wage to $10, that's ahead, 57-43%. san francisco, measure "a," $79 a year parcel tax, desperately needed, it needs a two-thirds majority to pass. right now, it's close. let's get to the numbers in the district 9 congressional race, pitting the incumbent against the republican challenger, ricky gill. and right now, mcnerney is leading, 48-52%. this district includes stockton, lodi and parts of contra costa. the increase in education, the governor's bill is going down to defeat. but we only have 17% reporting. so it's way too close to call this early in the evening. proposition 38, the measure to raise the income tax for 12 years. right now, a big, resounding no. 75% to 25%. let's take a look at the genetic food labeling initiative. yes! on labeling is losing. no on labeling? 58% right now. what about the initiate testify put stricter punishment on human trafficking violators, proposition 35, leading, 83% to 17%. proposition 34 would abolish the death penalty in california. right now, it is... losing 56-
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2